Tried For Treason, a trio from Missouri, keeps the riffs raw and heavy on their three-song EP, Weight of Words. Even though Tried For Treason is a newcomer on the heavy music scene, the band shreds any frills and gets right to delivering crushing, metallic songs—from a seasoned approach. Brandon Reeder(no longer with the band) is on bass; Jake Franks handles both guitar and vocals, and Randy Mallett pounds away behind the drum kit.

As it shows Tried For Treason’s promise, Weight of Words swells with ambition and style. Parading a likable melody, “Weight of Words” carries clean singing, harsh vocals and fades out with an energetic guitar solo. “Hands of Wealth” captures a threatening riff as Mallett holds an infectious groove; Franks’ vocals on “Measures of Fate” stir edginess and aggression, while Reeder keeps a low hum.

Weight of Words leans on the grit of heavy metal; with a hint of hard rock, sounds stay fresh and varietal; at times, vocals are shaky, but the guitar work and percussion work are undeniably solid. The EP’s strongest moments are within the hook-laden instrumentation and sharp songwriting. Overall, Weight of Words builds anticipation for future efforts, and Tried For Treason’s skills can only strengthen after this EP; they’ve got something happening.

- Dee